Jan 15, 2014

On my previous internship at Tinfoil Security, I had the pleasure of working with the full stack, from designing full features to developing the front-end to implementing new services on the backend. Tinfoil's an awesome company that secures websites by doing daily, monthly, or manual web scanning. When vulnerabilities are found on a site, they make the solution simple to understand and implement, so people don't have to scratch their heads trying to fix it. With that said, my first project was to redesign and implement the badge verify page. It lets people know that their site is safe after they've scanned with Tinfoil. The project also came with another project of its own, a nice little screen shot service. This page was designed with the intention of letting others know that their scanned site is certified by Tinfoil's amazing scanner. Below is an example of the badge verify page from Manilla.