Jan 16, 2014

At Tinfoil Security, I had many choices in what I wanted to do for my project. I decided to take on the task of designing and implementing the much anticipated graphs for Tinfoil's customers. These graphs showed the vulnerability of the website scanned on a particular day and overtime. While designing the graphs, I also decided to change the look and feel of the dashboard so that the designs blended in well with one another. Here's the final product of the designs, the implementation, and the integration into the current dashboard. Below are images of example users and scanned sites. Real users would see something very similar after login in to their account.

Scan Overview

This is the overview page for one website's scan, where users can see the security of their site on that particular day.

All Statistics

The overall statistics page where users can see their status in more detail and in comparisons to previous scans.

All Statistics Expanded

The overall statistics page expanded after clicking to view individual vulnerability and site.

Site Overview

The overview page for one website. This shows the vulnerability of the site overtime in the past few months.