Dec 01, 2014

My computer graphics course had a final project, and I decided to extend my simple ray tracer to have more features. After picking out the features and creating some of the images, my project won silver in our class, yay! The projects in our year also landed in the UWaterloo newspapers! :) Check it out here!

Below are some pieces of the demo I showed for the project. The focus of the project was mostly on the technical but also had a subjective rating.

Non-Texture vs. Texture

Without vs. Reflection with a 0.3 Ratio

Without vs. Refraction with an IOR of 1.7 vs. Fresnel Refraction and Reflection

Without vs. Area lighting with Soft Shadows

Without vs. Phong Interpolation

Without vs. Glossy Reflections

Without vs. Anti-Aliasing With Aliased Areas

Final Scene Rendering